Matthew runs Shakespeare and Public Speaking workshops in schools around the UK. He regularly teaches in men’s and women’s prisons and has run courses for the Women’s Institute at Denman College in Oxfordshire.

He’s run Public Speaking courses in London primary schools (even teaching lines of Shakespeare to eight-year-olds and witnessing the pleasure children can derive in articulating muscular language), put on regular Voice and Shakespeare workshops at secondary schools (including Fulham Boys School; The London Oratory; King’s Worcester; and Gordonstoun) and for a decade has led annual Public Speaking and Shakespeare workshops (teaching in English and French) at Lycee Charles de Gaulle, South Kensington. He’s also recently been giving presentations to sixth forms on Language, Habitual Coarseness and Social Media.

During the Covid lockdowns, Matthew began running online teaching sessions for parents seeking help with Shakespeare; Public Speaking; and Expressive Reading for their children. He now also offers these in-person.

For more information about any of the activities above, please e-mail:

“Matthew’s Shakespeare
workshops are dynamic
and entertaining. His
enthusiasm and energy
are so important, his
communication skills
unique and his creativity
contagious. And he always
creates something new.
Merci beaucoup Matthew
pour cette merveilleuse
cooperation avec le Lycée”.

—Nicole Wagner, Head of English,
Lycee Charles de Gaulle, South Kensington

“Fair play to you guv, you
got us through this ****.

—Prisoner at HMP Wormwood Scrubs after a three hour
Romeo and Juliet class in which
male prisoners played all parts,
including Juliet, Lady Capulet and the Nurse.

“Matthew inspired people to
want to know more about
Shakespeare and helped them
to speak out and use their
voices with confidence.
His course was also great
fun. We could hear the
laughter as we passed
by the room.”

—Jane Dixon, Head of Denman College,
Abingdon, Oxfordshire

“Matthew provides an
engaging environment
for learning. His
encouragement and
knowledge about public 
speaking led to good
outcomes and enabled
children to overcome
anxieties around
public speaking.”

—Bronwen Chalmers, Head Teacher,
Davies Lane Primary School, London E11

“The speaking Shakespeare
exercises are a great way
to explore complicated text.”

—Sixth former at Hampton School

“Matthew’s activities requiring
students to respond physically
to Shakespeare’s language
are very clearly a winner.”

—English Teacher at
The London Oratory School

“Matthew’s Shakespeare and
Public Speaking workshops
are a very enjoyable, amusing
and entertaining way for
pupils to improve their
speaking skills. We first met
Matthew in 2012 and have
asked him to organise
workshops ever since. We all
look forward to seeing
Matthew this year.”

—Sabine Gibert-Pein, English Teacher,
Lycee Charles de Gaulle, South Kensington

“Thanks to Matthew,
pupils realise that
Shakespeare can be
fun. It is always a
pleasure to listen to
him. Et voilà!”

—Marie-Claude Alexis, English Teacher,
Lycee Charles de Gaulle.




Explore the Macbeths by Speaking Them was the last online Speaking Shakespeare Workshop that Matthew ran. But there will be more online workshops in the autumn..

Recent live events have included a 2023 Valentine’s Day Speaking Romeo and Juliet workshop at Bell House in Dulwich. And Explore Shakespeare’s Mothers by Speaking Them – a Mother’s Day workshop on 19th March which was also held at Bell House.