Matthew’s talks range from the purely entertaining to the entertaining and serious. His audiences range from school pupils, to prisoners, to corporate employees, to members of the Women’s Institute. He also gives speeches in French.

Recent school work includes a presentation about Language and Social Media for the London Oratory; a talk to Dulwich College about Prison Shakespeare; and talks about Voicework for Lycée Charles de Gaulle and King’s Worcester.

In Autumn ’23 he gave a speech to Hammersmith and Fulham’s Legal Department on Teaching Public Speaking to Prisoners. And in November he was keynote speaker at the Brilliant Communicators conference.

His speech, How Shakespeare Can Improve Your Public Speaking, was delivered to speechwriters for figures such as the US Ambassador to London, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and a former Swedish prime minister.

Performer and former Financial Times journalist, John-Paul Flintoff, said it was “full of brilliant ideas” while Brian Jenner, founder of The European Speechwriter Network said “Matthew blended the sacred and the profane, the high and the low brow. His speech sent me back to the sonnets…

Throughout 2023 he delivered variations of his speech, Budget Travel, Borrowed Grannies, Tax-Free Cash from Yours Kids AND Shopping for Free In Supermarkets, to audiences of luncheon clubs, WI groups, and charities. All wanted an entertaining, fun-filled, half-hour.

And all the audiences got it!

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“Nearly five hundred ladies
enjoyed Matthews talk…
Constant laughter was heard
from the audience.”

—V Hodgson, Chairman
Hertfordshire Federation of WI's

“Matthew Collins captivated
the audience of pupils,
teachers, parents and
governors with his
entertaining, educational
and inspirational speech at
our prize-giving evening.”

—Barbara Rhymaun, Head of
Darrick Wood School,Orpington, Kent

“An entertaining, energetic
speaker, with good voice
projection who covers
numerous topics without
notes. These are just some
of our  many positive
‘So funny’
‘What energy!’
‘The best speaker we’ve
ever had’”

—Anne R, Wye Valley WI

“A very engaging, humorous
speaker – Matthew helped
make our charity dinner a
successful event.”

—Mike Dingley-Jones,
Carmarthen Rotary Club

“Informative, clever and
very, very funny – Matthew
appealed to all ages. We have
had a lot of feedback
congratulating us on booking
such a wonderful speaker.”

—Stephanie Pawling, Federation Secretary,
WI House, Devizes, Wilts

“Not easy for even the most
confident performer to walk
out on stage in front of
1,700 women…. But within
seconds I knew I’d booked
the right person. Matthew
had the ladies nursing sore
ribs from their laughter
and the feedback from
members can be
summarised as: ‘Matthew
made us feel  GOOD!’”

—Margaret Key, National Chairman,
Townswomen’s Guilds